Monday, December 10, 2007

treasures of darkness

Obedient sparks and solid oil spawn
multitudes of miracles, yes,
but some taste bad, like this
1.8m/6ft Norwegian Spruce Pre Lit Tree.

Overbright, glowering,
a beaming invader
smelling of hot tinsel -
we returned it, not to China but to
Customer Services
where it was marked

Now we have
Real Christmas Tree - Living Norway Spruce - 1m 10cm
waiting somewhere between green life
and a thought of green life;
enlivening an idea of hearth -
anticipating its own 'Destroy', waste that
weights a simultaneous
equation of waste and desire -

can say just for now
there's some homely lights.

(Work in progress. Tree fates and luminescent atrefacts as described. There's also a small potted one outside.)

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