Saturday, December 8, 2007

The moment I lost my marketing virginity...

...was, I suppose, during the evening I pasted this together some time in 1985. The text was done on a ZX Spectrum. Cult illustrator Caspar Williams did the drawings, including the image of me with which I saw fit to dominate the cover (not a strategy we'll be adopting for our next prospectus.)

Prior to the pictured item, the Zap Club flyers had featured only the names of the acts, so adding descriptions was a worthwhile development. That was my one good marketing idea - I have had several since then, but never had to follow through by typing the results on a rubber keyboard.

It's odd to see it surface on the web over 20 years later. It's nice to share the cover with the artiste Phranc, whose work I loved then and still do. Her rider included some absurdly innocent but specific items (something along the lines of 23 fig rolls and some pink Smarties), obviously not meant to be taken seriously. I took pride in painstakingly assembling the items in the dressing room, which got mentioned when I was introduced to her in a tongue-tied moment of mutual embarrassment. She showed no reaction - true stardom at work!

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