Monday, December 31, 2007

Captain Syncope

Unlike Nick Fury here

(found in the Jack Kirby Museum) I guess I am the faintin' type, having experienced syncope a couple of times. Once I blacked out while having blood taken, which was odd as I've seen blood a few times and not been bothered - I think it was the idea of it being sucked out of me (ventricles collapsing inwards like a leaky football) that got me.

The latest attempt was more alarming, at the end of an excellent Christmas meal. Propped up in a chair I was unable to faint properly, and (I'm told) went the colour of putty, moaned and twitched. Rather than wait for some Christmas prophecy to emerge, my companions called paramedics, so I got my NHS money's worth with a nice ambulance ride, restorative oxygen, and electrodes clipped all over me.

Will spend next Christmas with my head between my knees, suckng liquidised sprout juice through a straw.

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