Friday, December 7, 2007

Fe Person

I find this trailer intriguing (so job done, trailermakers) and unsettling. Will the movie be an interesting take on warlike hardware, or some ghastly triumphalist tosh?

The beginning looks like a better remake of Lord of War. But the hostage-escape thing is such blatant wish fulfilment and perhaps not in the best of taste. Then what's going to happen? In the shorter trailer he talks of 'protecting the people he has put in harm's way', a kind of ironclad action-packed repentance for his arms trade career I suppose. I'll be interested to see who gets counted as the people needing protection...

I've never been a big Iron Man fan, but I did follow an alcoholism plotline in the 80s, which I expect will be touched on in the film. The comic version has billionaire inventor Tony Stark becoming an alcoholic vagrant - the phrase 'I'll take his $50 and use it to forget his ugly words' (spoken as he bums some drink money from a former employee) has, unaccountably, become a staple part of our family vocabulary.

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