Thursday, October 4, 2007

Casa Zalama

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Our holiday destination this year was Casa Zalama, a 'casa rural' in northern Spain. This was our first time in this region and in this type of accommodation. It was utterly splendid - great room, lovely food, and a fascinating area. Casa Zalama deserves its many good reviews, and as well as being hospitable is a kind of magical place with a garden filled with sculptures. Las Merindades isn't mentioned at all in some guidebooks, which is bizarre as it has dramatic landscapes, mediaeval villages and castles, and a pleasantly un-touristy atmosphere. It's also easy to get to Bilbao and Burgos.

I've put plenty of photos on Flickr.

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Francisca said...

I went there in June 2oo7, hosts were wonderful (we stayed in "la casita" that is independent from La Casa), place and all surroundings were wonderful.

My pixs from the garden of Casa Zalama are here -->

All the tiny villages of Las Merindades are worth a visit -->

Bilbao and the famous Guggenheim Musem is just 45 kms from Casa Zalama...