Monday, July 2, 2007

Sweetheart, Stout

Further low-alcohol adventures were had in Scotland. For most of the first week this was a fruitless task, though the local shop in Blair Atholl did have some dusty bottles of 'Blaumeister Frei!' which he had been waiting ages for someone to buy. Then I found Sweetheart Stout (2%) - the best substance in the world - like drinking a pot of jam. The can still has the lovely image of an ageless beauty on it:

Ironically I also bought some new malt whisky. Yes, I do still take strong liquor on occasion. I must get through, ooh, a bottle every 6 months or so - approach with care. Just finished a Bladnoch 15-year old (a special edition which was nice, though I rather wish I'd sold it on eBay as it has more than doubled in price since I started drinking it.)

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