Thursday, July 19, 2007

Radio Days

Having my name mentioned on Edge Hill alumnus Stuart Maconie's radio show left me curiously giddy. (I emailed in a lame quip feigning confusion between last night's featured band, young, quirky Indie / Folk / Alternative Feist and 1970s German experimental progrockers Faust. He found this amusing enough to mention - perhaps feeling under obligation to his alma mater.)
I don't think I've been mentioned on the radio since a birthday dedication on Ed Stewart's programme c1969. I've been on the radio myself a handful of times - results day phone-ins and the like. Once in the mid-80s my friend Roy Smiles and I did a sort of roundup of arts events on Southern Sound. As we knew next to nothing about any of the acts, we made up some barely plausible surreal nonsense and put it across with deadpan authority. We were sacked after 3 weeks but we did get £10 for taxi fares.

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