Thursday, January 3, 2008

'heroic generosity'

A web page about my Dad has shown up on the web.
It's great to see his 'heroic generosity' and expertise acknowledged, in this case in transcribing organ music into Braille for the benefit of sightless musicians.
Much of what he does is a closed book to me - I don't read music, let alone Braille - so getting a third-party view of its value is nice.
Some of my Dad's CV reads like something I would write (eg the Royal School of Church Music does not have regional 'Gauleiters'; founding members of choirs probably aren't normally considered 'aboriginal'; 'decanter' would be a better description o hi parting gift than 'urine bottle'.)

However I'm of a generation that would be unlikely to say 'if a woman can do it it must be easier than I thought' without pulling out the 'Irony' stop first...

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