Saturday, August 4, 2007

The padlock at the centre of the universe

One day in 1973 (maybe a year or two earlier) this enormous padlock was placed on the railngs outside my Junior School, St Nicholas in Portslade. This was a marvel to the kids - why was it there? Could we get it off somehow?

You could move it up the railing, move it down again, stand on it...

No-one has ever removed it and it's rusted solid now. One time I even saw a small plant beginning to sprout from the keyhole. I suppose it will always be there until someone saws it off or removes the railings.

Most times I visit I walk past it and give it a reverential pat.

Sometimes I fancy that it holds everything together - that it is a centre of the universe - were it to be removed, things would unravel.

if the sky slips away
seconds cease to succeed
inside becomes beyond
other is now ours
kaleidoscopes lose all symmetry
green growth grasps past lanes -
this may be why.


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