Sunday, June 3, 2007

More alcohol-free quaffing...

A vist to Morrisons unearthed a few more low- and no-alcohol beers, of which I have quaffed mightily. Here's what I thought of them.

This stuff is OK. I spend at evening at a party drinking it, and it's pleasant enough. A bit thin and has a slight tang of... tomato!
[The hostess has just sent me an accusing text with a picture of a Kaliber can lying in their garden - proof that lager lout behaviour is nothing to do with alcohol, but rather some arcane semiotics of the can design exerting subconscious influence...lucky I didn't drink the whole 4-pack or I'd no doubt have removed my shirt, grunted the name of a football team repeatedly, urinated in the garden, and started a fight.]

Ths has 0.5% so is low rather than no. Perhaps because of this I found it to have a better body than some of the others. I would as happily drink this as any mass-market pilsner-style beer.

This on the other hand has NO alc and a good body. I guess this comes out as number one alongside Cobra 0.0, which has a somewhat sweeter taste.

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