Thursday, May 24, 2007


My walk to work currently involves stepping around two pools of vomit. When these appeared I noted with mild interest that the contents comprised coloured rice adhering splashes of stomach acid, and mused on the optimism of those who shovel down Indian or Chinese meals on top of unfeasible amounts of alcohol.

This morning I was surprised to see more rice had apparently been added. What could be happening - amazing vomit-coincidence? Performance art? Innovative guerilla marketing by Uncle Bens?

However on closer inspection the new additions proved to be fallen petals from the blossom trees, adhering to the original mess. [Later - identified as laburnum; the yellow and white petals, slightly dried and curled, look just like grains of rice from a reconsidered Egg Fried Rice.]

A beautiful moment.


Rob Spence said...

A beautiful moment involves the inspection of days-old vomit....
Truly, you can see the best in anything, it seems.

Mister Roy said...

...the next day I saw some feathers stick in a puddle of water. Guess it's a week for lightweight windblown objects adhering to things.