Wednesday, April 25, 2007


We've fallen in love with a city. Leaving Stockholm was almost physically painful - the beauty, atmosphere, buildings, and of course great SF bookshop made it one of the best places we've visited. The legendary expensiveness wasn't really in evidence - no worse than Paris or London. Well, OK, £4.21 for a pint if Guinness was a bit steep but two pizzas, two beers, garlic bread and salad for £20 wasn't bad. Bishop's Finger seemed like a poplar brew, bizarrely with a low-strength version (3.5%ABV) for sale in supermarkets. The only English TV channel in the hotel was a version of Hallmark showing TV movies and British cosyness like 'Kingdom' but even that was kind of cool.

Have a butcher's at my photos if you wish.

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Jen said...

Not just salad, but a fine and peppery cabbage salad!